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Sunday, September 27, 2009

Wish You Were Here

This is our last day here in Galveston, and it is a beautiful one. The ocean right now is so many different shades of blue and green, I'm not sure a photo would do it justice.
The kids left about an hour ago, and I'm feeling pretty sad. This is how my grandma felt all those years ago. We would be leaving her house and all trying to kiss Grandma goodbye and get in the car before she started crying.
I think everyone had a lot of fun. Yesterday we walked around the Strand and then took the harbour tour. Jon and I went on Thursday, when it was cold and rainy, and thought they would enjoy it. Of course we all sunburned but we got to see a lot of dolphins and pelicans and a tropical bird called a frigate, that the captain said would only be in the area for a week or two. Plus we saw different kinds of ships and boats, even a WW2 destroyer and submarine.
Sarah, Jonathon and Eric and I played in the ocean until we were nice and crispy while Jon napped on the beach. We walked out pretty far to play in the waves and the fish were jumping out of the water. Seriously, big fish, well big for west Texas.
Last night Jon made this huge meal with cedar plank salmon, shrimp, rice, stuffed jalapenos, coconut ice cream and grilled pineapple. We were all so full and tired from the beach, we couldn't even stay up to watch the Texas Tech game, thank God.
We talked and laughed and just enjoyed the company. And we talked about Lauren. We always do. Just funny stories, nothing sad. I hope we always will.


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