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Sunday, September 6, 2009

Little Faithers Have Big Ears

I know that's not how the saying goes. It just sort of popped into my head this morning when Pastor Paul used the phrase" little faithers". I just thought, Little faithers have big ears and they believe everything they hear. They believe the gossip of the old men at the coffee shop. They believe the conspiracy theories they read on the Internet and they believe the dooms day prophesies from cable news. They just can't believe God is in control.
I like the History channel, and I watch it when ever I can. You can see instances all through time when people must have thought it was the end of the world. During a program on the black plague something occurred to me. There was pain and death all around. Entire families were lost. It was one of the darkest times in history, but the message of Christ survived.
I have taken some pretty hard blows in life. I've been cut to the core, left feeling dead inside, but I always woke up the next morning, even when I didn't think I wanted to. I'm not saying it cant happen again or it won't kill me next time. I'm just saying I'll be OK.
I know this sweet old man who shoes horses for a living, and does it with a joyful heart. We have both lost daughters since we met. He always says to me, "Be thankful. You live in the greatest country in the world and when you die you get to go to heaven."


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