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Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Fear And Trembling Tuesday

  I was enjoying a cup of tea and just chillin' after my Yoga workout this morning,(yes I'm serious) when my husband called and said, "Be careful today. There are a couple of escaped convicts in Sulphur Springs, one a murderer, and they found their prison clothes near our neighborhood." We made some jokes about it, while I checked the locks on the doors, laughed and hung up. Almost immediately, I heard a noise on the front porch. It was only the UPS man, God rest his soul.

 This put an edge to my mood and, I didn't leave the house all day. I tried to negotiate with the dogs, about going outside, since it meant unlocking the backdoor, but they didn't care. As I opened the door, something ran past me. Once I stopped convulsing, I realized it was a squirrel that had gotten trapped in the screened in porch. I shut the door before the dogs saw it, and tried to coax it out the door. I can testify, squirrels are more stupid than dogs.

 As of  the five o'clock news, the convicts still have not been captured, so Jon was once again, trying to teach me to use the Glock he bought for me last Summer. I tried to kill a wasp, with wasp spray, this afternoon, and that went terribly wrong. He just kept coming back, like in a horror movie. I don't think I could ever shoot a person. I remember all those old movies where, after the bad guy is supposed to be dead, he grabs the girls leg as she's walking away.
 One of the most terrifying of these movies was, Audrey Hepburn and Alan Arkin in Wait Until Dark. She is a blind woman, and has to use her other senses to fight off the bad guys. I get chills just thinking about it.

 Well, the Rangers game starts here in a few minutes and that could be just as frightening, after the way they played Sunday night, so see ya in my nightmares.


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