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Wednesday, September 23, 2009

My Tropical Depression

Here we are in Galveston. I am sitting on the deck watching the seagulls scavenge for food and drinking a somewhat local wine. Life is good. Now and then I wonder what is happening at work, then I remember how little I care. They may hate me. I may be the worse boss in history. But who cares? Not me, not today.

My main concern is, will the fruit flies leave me alone if I drink a dryer wine? And can you drink a dryer wine if you are still on the wash cycle? Okay, that was funny. Jon just said it was incredibly stupid, so maybe it will be edited out.

We had one nasty thunderstorm yesterday. I just kept thinking, how is this not a hurricane? Speaking of which, there is still a lot of cleaning up from hurricane Ike going on here. Out in west Texas, it's a little hard for us to imagine just how much damage water can do. We have a tornado, and the county just brings in some earth movers and such and we get that mess cleaned up. Some of these places look like a shrine to procrastination, but I think it must be tougher to rebuild than you might think.

We have found some pretty cool sea shells on the beach. I remember, when Lauren was three or four, we took the kids to Corpus. She was amazed at all the broken shells on the beach and was convinced they were teeth the Tooth Fairy had dropped. She said "Momma, look at all these loose toofs!" I think I will make a Sailors Valentine from the shells for Lauren's grave. I saw Martha Stewart do it once, I won't get as carried away as Martha or the ancient mariners did but it will be pretty.

On Friday, Eric, Sarah and Jonathon will be here. We are celebrating our thirtieth wedding anniversary. I can't wait to see them. Jon and I raised some pretty good kids.

I brought a new cookbook on this trip and planned to try some different recipes, but Jon is such a kitchen Nazi, I gave up and let him take over. It should be interesting when Eric gets here, as he suffers from the same affliction. Well I guess I'll just enjoy it while I can.
Oh, I forgot to mention, Jon took this picture this morning. I think it is quite good.


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