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Friday, October 2, 2009

What's in a Name?

This was my last day of vacation, sigh........ oh well, sigh........
I have a new puppy, a Pekingese. She is adorable. We are trying to think of a good name, and we can't agree on anything. I really like Mia, but Jon doesn't so much. She is very brave. She loves Darnell and thinks they are "potty partners". Darnell is very jealous and snaps at her all the time, but she is not deterred. She follows him around like he is Jerry Garcia. Butters is terrified of her and the puppy chases her all over the house. It's so funny. She really needs a name.
We watched a pretty good movie this evening, Away We Go. Maya Randolph was in it and that cute guy from The Office. They were a young couple with no close family ties, about to have a baby, and trying to find the perfect place to raise her. It's funny and sad and sweet and, yes, very adult, but well worth your time. Maya Randolph's character is named Verona, like the city in Italy and Romeo and Juliet. I like that name for my puppy.
It has always been hard to think of original names for my dogs. Cats are easy. Jon brought home a Siamese kitten once and I looked at him and said "what's your name?", and he said "Mao" so that was his name. Funny, he had the personality of a Chinese dictator. Jon brought home another kitten he found down by the school yard and of course his name was Julio. We've had Emma's and Annies and Stormy's and Muddy's, named after the great Muddy Waters. But dogs are just harder. They all have unique personalities and you want the name to fit the dog.
So what's it gonna be? I don't know, but I will get back with you when I do, and I'll have picture.


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