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Saturday, September 19, 2009

SaturdayMorning TV

Like most kids of the sixties, I was raised on TV. Our moms were not concerned about the effect it would have on our eyes or our lives. If we were quiet, and not in her hair, all was right with the world.

Of course, television was much better in those days, especially on Saturday mornings. We only had one TV in our house, so I usually had to fight to watch what I wanted to watch. Two of my brothers were wrestling fans. Trust me, wrestling in the sixties was more lame and idiotic than now. My brother, Jerry, the intelligent one, and I were of like minds. So I generally could depend on him to take my side. We knew from the beginning, Looney Tunes would never be topped.

When I was very young, I absolutely LOVED Roy Rogers. This seems kind of odd to me now since I really don't even like westerns. Roy Rogers was handsome and brave and he wore a white cowboy hat that never came off in a fight, but only when he met a pretty lady. But most appealing was how he could sing after nabbing the black hatted bad guy. Ah.... we all need a hero.

Mighty Mouse was clever and funny. Rocky and Bullwinkle was the best. I loved the Fractured Fairytale segment. But in Looney Tunes, Bugs Bunny taught us how to be a wise guy and still enjoy classical music. Daffy taught us stupid people can be lovable too. and Foghorn Leghorn showed us the dangers of unrequited love. OK, so I had to stretch for that last one.

This Saturday morning, as I was drinking my coffee watching Rick Steves European Travels, I couldn't help but think of Saturdays past. In my mind, I'm a little girl, sitting cross legged, drinking my chocolate Quik, with a bowl of Cheerios, watching my Saturday Morning heroes.


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