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Sunday, September 6, 2009

Required Reading

I have loved to read since I was a little girl. I mostly like fiction, but I will read anything. Anything, with the exception of required reading! Teachers love to ruin a good book by saying there will be a quiz. Maybe I have some rebellion left over from my pirate days, ( pirate days is a phrase I love to use whenever I can, to describe my misspent youth. I stole it from a Mary Chapin Carpenter song.) As I was saying ...rebellion..yada yada...pirate days..Oh, I just can't read something if you tell me to. You know, like, Oh Sheila you have to read this book. My first thought is, no I don't, and then there is no way I can make myself read that book. I'm still not sure exactly what happen in Moby Dick, but I don't care. I read the Cliff notes and I passed the test, sort of. Maybe I missed out on some important information I will need on my next whaling trip, but I think I will manage.

The other things I don't read are those sticky sweet emails that say "you must forward this to 7 people if you love Jesus". I usually glance over it quickly, and if the art work looks like it could be copied in velvet, or someone spilled pink teddy bears and roses all over it, I know it will end with a threat of Jesus not knowing I love him. So I hit the delete button. I know Jesus and I think this makes him laugh.

And let's not forget the email curse. " Billy Joe died just 24 hours after not forwarding this email". I delete those in the name of Jesus.


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