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Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Let Me Introduce You to My Redneck Friend

I think prairie dogs are amazing. They live in communities, have families and seem to be communicating and looking out for each other.

My husband thinks they are great target practice.

What has happened to us? We used to be such peace freaks. I have actual firearms registered in my name. I don't touch them and can't sleep in the same room with them, but I have every right to own them. Jon even loads his own shells. Are we becoming rednecks?

We still listen to the same music, but we don't have the same values as most of the musicians, and we no longer drive hundreds of miles to see the bands.

When my son, Eric was a baby, I would play a song, by Jackson Browne, for him and he would dance. It was called Redneck Friend, and when I hear it now I can still see him dancing his little diaper off. But the words meant something.

It said, "Daddy's in the den shootin' up the evening news, Mamma's with a friend, lately she's been so confused. Little one it's all up to you. It ain't like him to argue or pretend . Honey let me introduce you to my redneck friend".

Sometimes you need a redneck to bring order to your world.


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