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Monday, September 14, 2009

Dressed To Kill

We were watching the movie, The Natural, yesterday and I realized something. People don't dress up anymore. Not like they used to, anyway. In the movie, during the scenes filmed at the ball park, I noticed most of the men were wearing ties. The newspaper reporters were very well dressed, and Glenn Close was wearing a dress, hat and gloves. It must have been hot and uncomfortable, but she looked fabulous.

I know we all remember how June Cleaver cleaned house in a dress and pearls, and Carol Brady looked so spiffy in her polyester pantsuits. No, kids, it wasn't just a TV thing. People used to take pride in their appearance.

I remember, with great horror, my mother, in her dress and stockings, carrying her big purse around Six Flags. All was well, until she tried to straddle the log in the log ride.

There was a time when a woman could go to the Sears catalog and order something called a house dress. My mom and grandmothers all had them. They were usually bright, floral prints, loose fitting, with a zipper or buttons down the front. They were perfect for after church when you knew you would be going to evening services. You could just slip it on, fry your chicken, make your gravy, and keep your church dress clean for later.

One thing I never understood was the roller bonnet. This was a colorful bonnet that fit over your curlers and was supposed to be more attractive than a head full of rollers. When I was a little girl, my mother made me wear pink sponge rollers in my hair all day on Saturdays. I think my first big rebellion was taking all styling rights away from her and wearing my hair long and straight. Now I am paying for it. If only my hair would just bend a little.

Have you noticed most college age girls look like they just rolled out of bed at two o clock in the afternoon. They wear flannel pajama pants and flip flops everywhere they go. Their ponytails look like they have been slept in and they are wearing whatever free Tshirt they can find. The shirt is too short, the pants too low, and we can all see their "crack art". Girls, please save this look for marriage!


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