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Saturday, October 29, 2011

Disapointment, Heartbreak and Despair......and Baseball

The house is dark and cold early on this October morning. Still living on extended daylight saving time, we have had the first freeze of Autumn. My morning glories have died, I've traded T shirts for sweaters and the Rangers have taken their flight back to Arlington after losing the World Series for the second year in a row. The emotional roller coaster of baseball season has now come to an end.
 Although sad, I feel a kind of freedom. It's like closing the door and walking away from an unhealthy relationship. But just like every unhealthy relationship, I know I'll be back in the spring.
 For now, I can concentrate again. I can plan for the future or just read a book. When someone ask me to a dinner party, I can accept without wondering if they have Dish or cable and will I miss the game.
 There is so much unrest and mayhem in the world. Wars breaking out, earthquakes, floods, and just every day human suffering. When you find yourself on your knees praying for one more good inning, maybe it's time to rethink your priorities.
  The post season is exhausting. I'm tired, so I know the Rangers are too. But I am so proud of them. They played with heart and class, unlike those other guys, who threw bats and helmets, tackled short stops and yelled obscenities. It's very true that an organization reflects the character of it's leadership, Mr LaRussa.
 So, here's to the American League Champions, who played hard and well in a National League park, by National league rules, and almost pulled it off. We will see you again in April.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Scary Movies, Alien Invasions and Baseball

 When I was a young girl, occasionally I would find myself in complete control of the television remote. For this to happen in a large family, I had to be at home alone or possibly babysitting somewhere else. How ever it came to be, my favorite thing to watch was old black and white horror movies. I had not seen all the blood and gore kids watch these days, so some of these old films were really scary to me. The thing I remember most, is no matter how much I wanted to see what was going to happen, I couldn't watch as the heroes and victims came face to face with monsters, aliens and vampires. So I would change the channel, wait 2 minutes, and change it back. The strange thing is, I found myself doing the same thing last night when C J Wilson was pitching for the Rangers in game five of the World Series. It was tragic and I had to look away.
  What in the world has happened to C J?  He struggles just to make it 6 innings. I know I ragged on him a lot back when he was a closer, but he really proved himself as a starter. He doesn't even look like the same guy on the mound. So I started thinking, maybe it isn't him. Maybe if someone looked in his basement or under his bed, they might find an empty pod. I'm just sayin'....


Monday, October 17, 2011

Baseball, Politics and Religion

 OK, so I guess it's time to address some of the unkind remarks I made in my last post.
  I was wrong about Ron Washington and I will never doubt him again. He, after all, has brought my Rangers to their second straight World Series and will win the pennant this year. He is a wise and lovable old guy, and I respect his decisions totally. Even if it means letting that bum C J pitch again. Also, I'd like to say, New Mexicans do wear socks with their sandals and keep old appliances in their yards. However, this is not to say, they cannot raise a decent pitcher now and again. Stranger things have happened.
 As long as I am hurling insults and hurting feelings while speaking the truth, I might as well talk a little politics and religion.
 I refuse to let the media force me into choosing Romney over Obama. I don't like Romney. He is a professional politician and a ......Mormon. There I said it, the dreaded M word. I don't care how you spin it, the Mormon church is a cult. You can put a bow tie on it and call it an Osmond, but it's still a cult. I'm going with Herman Cain.
  Well I've got a lot going on right now. I'll be watching the world series and eating my tums. also, I have my High School reunion coming up. My best friend from high school, who I have not seen in years, is coming and she is going to stay with me. We will drive Jon crazy, I'm sure, but it will be fun. This is that one friend everyone has, that knows more about you than anyone else in the world, including your momma. If I ever ran for office, she could destroy me. But she wouldn't, not unless I ran as a Democrat.


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