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Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Walkin' on Sunshine

I was about four or maybe five when this picture was taken. I, for some reason, feel very happy when ever I see it. I think it must have been a good day.

There have been times all through my life when I have stopped to realize, I am very happy. I'm not talking about overwhelming joy, caused by some wonderful event. More like the peaceful contentment when all is right with the world.

Music seems to always trigger memories of these times. When I hear Sam Cooke sing, We're Having a Party, I see my sister, Sherry and her husband Si dancing in our living room on Christmas Eve, 1964. The Beatles, Hey Jude, takes me back to a warm summer night sleeping under the stars, with the best friends a sixth grader ever had.

I remember July 4th, 1985, Jon and I took our kids to the lake, like we did many times that summer. There was a sandy beach and swimming area for kids, and the local rock station broadcast from there. I was sitting on the beach, very pregnant, watching Eric and Sarah play. I suddenly thought, I am truly happy. Just then the baby started dancing in my belly as the radio played, Katrina and the Waves, I'm Walking on Sunshine. Lauren was born six days later.


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