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Saturday, January 23, 2010

Places In The Heart

I watched one of my favorite movies today, Places In The Heart. I love this movie for so many reasons.

It's set in the 1930's in Texas. It's like looking at my parents old photo albums. The clothes, hair styles, cars and even the houses are so authentic. Also, the pain, suffering and joys are the stories Ive heard all my life.

It's the story of how society viewed it's wounded. A blind man and two fatherless children were a burden. A widow was nothing and a black man was less than nothing. It's how these castoffs lifted each other up to accomplish their goal.

People commit every kind of sin against each other in this movie and yet in the end there is forgiveness. The final scene takes place in church. The pastor reads The "love chapter" from 1st Corinthians 13. The choir sings and they take Communion. They are all there. Young and old, black and white, living and dead, and they all take Communion.

I love this movie because it illustrates the grace God has for us all, no matter how we hurt each other. God sees all the places in our hearts.


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