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Monday, January 18, 2010

Good Housekeeping

I had a pretty good day off. It's been a while since Ive had any time alone so I tried to make the best of it.
I cleaned my house from top to bottom. I know it sounds crazy but I enjoy house work. I put on music, light candles and go to work. The only thing is I have to be alone to do it, otherwise I get distracted or people just get in my way. My dream career is to be a housewife.
I worked until Eric was born. I loved being a stay at home mom but after my youngest, Lauren, started to school I found I didn't have enough to keep me busy and diaper commercials made me cry. Seriously, I missed having a baby to take care of. I think I might have had ten had my husband let me.
Someone sent me an email the other day that was one of those Maxine things. It was Maxine verses Martha (Stewart). Martha would have some housekeeping tip and Maxine would add the sarcasm. It was funny but my friend and I were just interested in the tips. Did you know if you over salt a dish you can put a piece of bread in it while it's still cooking and the bread will absorb the salt? That's a great tip.
Another work friend and I can have whole conversations about laundry, how to make it smell really good and how much we love the smell. And there is something about putting freshly folded towels away while they are still warm. ahhh........


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