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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Happy Birthday to the King

Someone told me the other day, that it was Elvis's birthday, and he would have been 75. What's hard to believe is, I thought he was old when he died at 42. Now I know he was younger than I am now. How can that be? Where did the time go? In my mind I am still 19. My kids are older than I am now.

I was asked today if I was a flower child in my youth. No, I am not that old. I was 10 or 11 when Woodstock happened. My generation had nothing to protest. The war was over and we could vote and drink at eighteen. We had no complaints, we just wanted to get high and we were honest about it.

I watched the Woodstock movie on TV the other night and looking out over the sea of kids I couldn't help but wonder how they grew up. I mean what did they become? Did they become people who could change the world or are they getting a government check every month because they fried their brains and never learned how to take care of themselves? I had a lot of fun in the 70's but I'm glad I lived through it and it is over.

Poor Elvis. How sad to die alone, stoned on a toilet.


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