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Sunday, January 15, 2012

 I've been down with a pinched nerve in my back for about a week. It's been quite painful but I am getting better. For the last week I have lived on steroids, codeine and television. I think I've gained 20 pounds. Jon says it's all water weight and will come right off as soon as I discontinue the steroids. He has no idea how hungry those little pills have made me. I may be retaining water, but it's more likely I am retaining biscuits and gravy.
  Like I said, I have watched a lot of  television the past week and I have come to a conclusion. After my last post, Dixie Dog made a comment about young girls mixing seasonal clothing. This is something that has always bothered me. I think Uggs are ugly, but may be very warm with jeans on a cold snowy day. But why would one wear them with a mini skirt? Another thing that gets to me is, black stockings with white shoes. I actually have seen this on a soap opera actress this week.
  We used to think of Feral children as being motherless and raised by wolves. Now it seems these Feral girls are being raised by TV stars and other entertainers. And their moms, well, they share a wardrobe. It's sad, really.
  Most of us go through this at some point in our lives. In the third grade, I wanted so much to look like Nancy Sinatra. I wore my white Go Go boots and I used my sisters eyeliner to draw thick black lines across my eyelid, swooshing out to the corners, just like Nancy. Fortunately my mom had the good sense to make me wash it off before school. I got over it and before long I wanted my hair cut in a neat little bob like Barbara Feldon, 99, on Get Smart. Now she was seriously cool.


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