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Friday, October 29, 2010

A Rant

I'm starting to resent the 2010 baseball season. I was perfectly happy being the fan of the most lovable, yet flawed team in the country. The season ending in mid September was just fine with me. But suddenly, I find myself, here at the end of October, unable to sleep, my stomach in knots, watching my team get their butts kicked in the World Series.

Yes, it's been a great year. And yes, I have seen the Rangers play some great ballgames. But somehow, I long for those innocent days of low expectations. It was an easier time.

There are so many things I don't understand. How can a bullpen, praised by all the sports writers, suddenly look like a bunch of little leaguers? How can hitters, known for their strength and home run abilities, strike out or fly out more often than not? I just don't believe the Giants could possibly be a better team.

I keep remembering 2005 when the Houston Astros played in the World Series. They were swept in 4 games and my heart was broken, and they were really just my second favorite team. I was thinking, I cant remember who beat them. Who won the World Series that year? I don't care. I only care that Houston won the National League and got to play in the World Series.

Of course, I was not as bitter toward that team. I wasn't wishing for California to hurry up and slide into the ocean, like I am now. You know, that would solve their budget problems too. Can't you just see it? All those San Francisco fans, with their orange towels and fake black beards, knuckles turning white as they cling the edge of the world. Jon may be right. I may take these things to seriously.

The Rangers will be playing at home the next three games. I hope that makes a difference. Anyway, I refuse to give up on them until the fat lady sings. I just hope she's not singing the blues.


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