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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Observations, or, The World as Far as I Know

Sitting in a Starbucks in Austin on Sunday morning, I noticed a very small boy with his grandmother. The little boy went over and picked out his juice like he knew exactly what he wanted. He and the grandmother seemed so at home in that place, I thought this must surely be a Sunday morning routine for the two.

Then came the soccer Dads. This latest phenomenon has really caught my attention. Everywhere you look in the bigger cities, you see fathers with little tiny girls all dressed up in their soccer uniforms. I think it's great that these fathers have taken an interest in their daughters and that their daughters have an interest in sports.

The thing is, what may seem like an every day hum drum event to you, may look like a warm fuzzy bonding moment to someone watching. And that's what these events truly are.

When I took my son, Eric to McDonald's after his kindergarten program, I didn't realize how special it was to him, spending time with me, without his sisters being present. I saw that same little boy come out years later when we were running around the Antique Rose Emporium in south Texas.

Ive always had such a soft heart toward my son. I never could stand to see him hurt and he seemed to have such tender feelings. I remember when I was a young girl and I may have, allegedly, treated some boy badly, my mother would always take the boy's side. She would say "some day some little girl will break your son's heart and you will see how it feels."

So many of the things my mother said seemed more like curses. One of my brothers chose to have only one child because Mom said he would have a dozen just like him one day.

I'm a mom, so I know Ive used guilt a few times to make a point but I hope my kids have always known I was on their side. I hope Ive given them some warm fuzzy memories and maybe some good advice.


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