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Sunday, April 11, 2010

For Claude

Today I attended the first funeral I have been to since Lauren died. I went to a graveside service for my sister in-law back in November. That was hard, but quicker and less painful. There have been other funerals in the past three years, but I just couldn't make myself go. No matter the relationship to the deceased, I was afraid I would cry when I saw all the sad faces of the families. As I said before, I can't weep quietly. It always turns into uncontrollable sobbing.
But this was different. I thought so much of this ninety one year old man, I wanted to be there and see him off to his new home. He was my buddy. We had long conversations on a daily basis when we worked next door to each other. And yes, at ninety one, he was still working. I loved that old bear and will miss him until I see him again.
I had a memory today during the service. One Christmas eve we were at the church for communion during an ice storm. His wife had stayed in because of the weather and he was hesitant to go in by himself. I held his hand and we walked down the aisle and took communion together. I didn't realize it would be such a precious memory some day.
I think I became so fond of him when I saw how supportive he was of Lauren.
When she was a senior in high school, she and some friends got into some trouble when they decided a rival school's bronze mascot should be pink. Well after bail was posted and tongues were wagging she was feeling pretty low. The rivalry between these two schools ran long and deep, way back into the old man's day. His response was " I don't know why we didn't think of that". Every time he saw Lauren he would tell her he had some painting he needed done, and maybe pink.
She loved him and he was one of the many people who were there for me when I lost her.
I still don't like funerals, but I guess it was time to lay it down. I was honored to attend this funeral for my friend.


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