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Tuesday, June 5, 2012

 Well, when I get down, I try to get back up again before I write too many post. No one wants to read this sad, mournful crap for too long, so I'm sorry but, here's one more.
 My dog is sick. My sweet little Darnell is in the hospital with pneumonia. He is critical and the vet isn't giving me much hope.
 I know, the non dog lovers in the world will not see the seriousness of this. But, I love that little dog so much.
 I saw Darnell's picture in the paper one Sunday. He was the pet of the week from the animal shelter. For some reason, I just knew he was supposed to be my dog. So I adopted him. That was six years ago, and he has been such a sweet little companion. I remember they told me he had been dropped off with another little puppy, and he was so sick, he almost died. His little friend didn't make it.
 Adopting Darnell was last thing Lauren and I did together. There were days after she died, when I didn't want to face another day. But I always knew I had to take care of Darnell. He needed me and that kind of kept me going.
 If you pray, please pray for Darnell.


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