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Sunday, April 15, 2012

What I learned at Walmart Today

  It's been a pretty good weekend, so far, with the exception of 50 mile an hour wind. But, here in West Texas, we call that Spring.
  Needless to say, I couldn't do much yard work in that kind of wind. So, after sleeping late, doing laundry, and watching the Rangers beat the Twins, I made my weekly trip to Walmart.
  Any experienced shopper should know, if a shopping cart has been abandoned mid store, there has to be a reason. But, my husband, having picked up too many items to carry, thinks the cart was left for him. So here we go, strolling through Walmart with this ear piercing squeak, alerting everyone of our presence. People are wincing, dogs are howling, and everyone thinks, "There but for the grace of God, go I". A woman passed us, her cart making a noise almost a bad, and gave me a knowing nod. Yes, I thought, we are the Lepers of Walmart.

  Most of us have received those emails titled, The People of Walmart, or, More Walmartians. I'ts pictures taken of people, in and outside the store, dressed in the most hideous garb, and doing incredibly stupid things. I've always wondered where those pictures were taken, were they staged and, most importantly, are there any of me.
  Today, I saw a 350 pound woman wearing a tshirt, emblazoned with the lightening bolt flash, from the comic book character, Flash. I watched, to see just how quickly she moved, but she just starred at me. I looked away, then back again, and she was still starring. She wasn't very quick at all. I found myself wondering why someone would bother to manufacture that particular shirt in such a large size. Who bought it for her, or did she choose it herself, some kind of ironic fashion statement?

 I found a new product at Walmart today. It's a coffee creamer called Natural Bliss, Sweet Cream flavor. It's milk, cream and sugar already mixed for your coffee. I thought it was a little too sweet. I usually put just a tiny bit of stevia in my coffee if any at all, but it was a nice change. It tasted like coffee drank, from tiny teacups, with my father on Christmas mornings. A very nice memory.


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