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Friday, April 6, 2012

Happy Opening Day

   Opening day at the ballpark, the most wonderful day of the year. I love everything about this day. The national anthem makes me cry. I get chills as everyone, from the starting line up, to the athletic trainers and masseuses are introduced. Then, the Texas Rangers, the greatest ball club in the world, take the field and my heart swells with pride.
  They looked great today. They looked like the reigning American League Champs we all love so much.
 This is what makes life worth living. Baseball, along with true love and homegrown tomatoes, is all a body needs to be happy.
  It's going to be a great season and, we will let the Angels rag on C. J. this year, they deserve him.
  Who cares, who wins the White house in November, as long as Texas takes the pennant in October. We can always secede after baseball season.
  Let's go Rangers!


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