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Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Just Call Me A Winner

  I was a winner in the big Mega Million dollar lottery this weekend. That's right. I, along with nineteen of my coworkers, won three dollars. Normally I wouldn't have played the lottery, but one of the guys at work decided we should all put in ten dollars and buy two hundred tickets. How could we lose? Everyone got real excited, but I just got mad, irritated and put out. This is how I know I will never be a gambler.
 Apparently, what motivates the typical gambler, is the belief he will one day win the big one. I have never felt this way. When we were all discussing whether to buy the tickets or not, I thought about how most winners are groups of people, usually coworkers. Well, I didn't want to be the only one showing up for work on Monday morning because I was not an instant millionaire. But, when the others were feeling giddy and hopeful, I just felt like I wanted my ten dollars back. Now, I have my winnings and I'm just down seven dollars.
 I like to get something for my money. I have a hard time buying the brand cosmetics I like, because they are too expensive. But, if they are offering a free tote, suddenly I can afford it. I don't know why, but I just can't resist a free tote. I have come so close to joining the Book Of The Month Club just to get the free tote. Free makeup bags and umbrellas are nice also. How many people join that big name coffee club just to get a free coffee maker or travel mugs, only to cancel as soon as they have fulfilled their obligation?
 What makes us think these things are free? If someone on the street corner offered me a free tote, no purchase necessary, no strings attached, I would probably turn them down. I guess, by making the big purchase first, I feel like I have earned the freebie. I was thinking about this, and realized this is how most of us view our salvation.
 We try to work for it, pay for it, do something to deserve it but, it really is the only thing in life that is free.


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