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Monday, February 27, 2012

Politely Rebeling

   As you know from my earlier rants, we have a street or two undergoing construction in my town. There are a couple of intersections I go through daily, that have flashing red lights on either side. Every one knows, or should know, a flashing red light means stop and wait your turn. I have had many instances lately, when the vehicle on the other side did not stop, but rolled on through like they were special. Some try to sneak by, while no one is looking and others just don't care.
Today I was sitting at this flashing light, like a good American, when someone decided to sneak on through. I had to control myself and not honk the horn, stomp my feet and, while waving my fist in the air, scream "it's not your turn." Then, it occurred to me, I have become that kid who takes names while the teacher is out of the room. I'm an adult Hall Monitor!
 I haven't always been like this. I was once a rebel. That is, if you define a rebel as someone who chews gum in class. OK, I'm not being completely honest. I didn't chew gum in class, but I never told on anyone for doing so.
 Now that I think about it, I have turned into a boring, law abiding citizen. I try to turn library books in on time, you don't have to post a sign to keep me off your grass, and if I had a baby, I would carry a dirty diaper twenty miles to the next trash can before, I would ever consider, leaving it in a Walmart parking lot for some poor unsuspecting soul to step on. While on that subject, I also, always return my shopping cart to the designated shopping cart drop off.
  Occasionally, Jon and I buy groceries together. After our cart is full or overflowing, he will push it into the 20 items or less check out, and I just want to hide. Fortunately, the cashiers never say anything and, I guess it's better than when he wants to go through the self check with three bottles of wine and a package of model airplane glue. Why can't we just follow the rules?


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