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Sunday, February 5, 2012

Football and Sociopaths

 I'm trying not to use the word hate so much to describe my feelings. I believe the word has lost it's true meaning from overuse. Kind of like literally. People say literally so often when they actually mean figuratively. I worked with a lady once who, every day before lunch,  said, "I'm literally starving to death". I always wanted to call 911 or start an intervention and make her eat something.
  I say all this, to hopefully express my deep dislike of football. I know you must be thinking  "Oh she's one of those girlie girls who just never watched football enough to know anything about it". You are wrong. I have 6 older brothers and I have watched more than my share and was even a fan at one time.
  I am of the opinion, that football brings out the worst in men. It is a brutal, barbaric sport that alters lives. The big and fast think it is their salvation. They hope for a scholarship and then a contract. When it doesn't happen, they relive that big game and never get over it. They learn to bully the smaller boys and some of them never get over it.
 Tonight is the Super Bowl. All that means to me is, football season is finally over and we are only 2 months away from Baseball season! The only reason to watch the Super Bowl is, the commercials and halftime show. This year, the halftime show will be done by Madonna. If there is anything I like less than football, it is Madonna. I would rather see a high school marching band perform at halftime than Madonna. I think I can actually use the word Hate to describe how I feel about her music.


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