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Thursday, November 26, 2009

Thanks For The Memories

This morning I awoke to a lovely memory. The aroma of Thanksgiving turkey roasting in the oven and my parents moving around, talking in the kitchen. I remember my dad playing with our Pekingese, Puddles, who's senses were overtaken by the smell. He would say, "You want some turkey?", and she would stand on her hind legs and make this sound like she was talking back to him.

I got out of bed and made myself a cup of coffee, and there was my own little Pekingese, Mia, looking up at me. She looked so sweet, so I gave her a little saucer of the heavy cream I was putting in my coffee. She loved it. I had no idea Jon had already given her some milk, it's so unlike him. Spoiling the puppy is my job. Well anyway, I never would have thought such a little dog could throw up so much.

Judging from Thanksgivings past, I would say the thing my family is most thankful for is football. Dallas Cowboy football to be exact. But football in general, goes on for days. This is why I don't mind working the Friday after Thanksgiving. There will be football from now through Monday night, for sure, but sometimes they surprise me with even more.

I have a niece, Jeanna, who is more like a sister to me for many reasons. She is only three or four years younger and we were raised together. Of course, like a sister, I may see her faults, but you better keep your opinions to yourself.

One Thanksgiving she and her mom and step-dad were living down the street from us. After having our fill of food and football, we snuck off to her house and watched Rudolph The Red Nosed Reindeer, played barbies and just laughed and had a good time. No one even missed us, but football was on so.........

Today I miss my mom. I can't believe she left this world without giving me her dressing recipe. Thank goodness for Praters.

I miss Lauren sitting on the kitchen counter talking while I make ugly pies she and Sarah will make fun of, but still eat. I miss her watching the parade and telling me every few minutes that I just have to see these twirler's uniforms.

I will take my turkey to my sister in law's house and eat with my dad and brothers while they ignore me, and I am thankful I can do this another year. I am thankful for the women my brothers married, they have been the sisters who stood between me and total despair.

I will talk to Eric and Sarah on the phone tonight and be thankful they are only a few hours away. I will pray for them and ask God to bring them home quickly and safely.

Happy Thanksgiving. May your hearts be full as well as your belly's.


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