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Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Elvis Got A Home Run

  Some crazy, out of the ordinary stuff has happened today. Laqueta got a new car, Stacie's engaged, Bill O'Riley said something funny and Elvis Andrus got a home run. And, of course, after a month long dry spell, I am,  finally posting something on my blog.
  I have had such a busy life the last few weeks. We have been trying to sell our house, and we've made multiple trips to East Texas. But most of my brain has been occupied by the worst bank conversion I have ever been through. Seriously, I thought it would be easier. After all, I go through bank conversions like Alex Rodriguez goes through aging starlets.
 I didn't watch any of the Republican convention,(convention, conviction, whatever..) last week, because the Rangers were playing great ball. I don't expect to watch any of the Dem's this week for the same reason, but now and then, Jon switches channels and I am simply amazed. Thank God we have baseball!


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