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Saturday, September 29, 2012

Baseball At The Movies

  I have a new favorite baseball movie, Trouble With The Curve.
I won't tell you all about it, because you need to see it for yourself. The story line is great, the actors were perfectly cast, and it seemed to be written by someone who knows about baseball.
  Over the years, I have seen many baseball movies, some I liked, some I loved, and a few were forgettable. Most people will name The Natural as the best all time baseball movie. I think it is boring and way too long. I feel the same way about Eight Men Out, and Field Of Dreams. Now there's a movie that makes no sense. Field Of Dreams was probably a very good book, but I don't think it transitioned well to film. I can hear the groans and almost see your eyes rolling, but really, If you think about it, it was a stupid plot and an excuse for Kevin Costner to over act. I preferred him as the likable, "I'm only serious about baseball", character, Crash Davis, in Bull Durham.
  I must admit, when delivering quotes from great movies, I sometimes get Bull Durham and Major League confused. But they were both so funny, as was The Sand Lot. What movies do these lines come from?
 You're all a bunch of lollygagers!
 You're killin' me, Smalls!
  I look like a banker.
 I hope you had fun with that, and by the way, There's No Crying In Baseball!


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