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Friday, July 6, 2012

Vacation In Heaven

 We took a little unplanned trip, this week, to East Texas. This is where my parents grew up, and it is beautiful. Seriously, if Heaven is the best place a person can be, I believe Heaven will be an East Texas family reunion. And there will be ice cream, watermelon, sweet tea and baked sweet potatoes. People will be fishing and children will be swimming in Lake Fork. There will be grandmothers in floral spring dresses and of course, every dog you every loved will be there waiting for you.
  I caught up with some long lost cousins, and my mother's only living sibling, my Aunt Lorene. At ninety three, she is still a lovely women.
 As a child, I hung around the kitchen, quietly listening to the conversations of my mother and her sisters. They were all amazing women, but aunt Lorene was always my favorite. She took my aging grandmother into her home and cared for her until Grandmother was just too bad off for her to do it alone. It broke her heart when she had to put her in a nursing home. So much so, she talked to me about it yesterday. She experienced loss and heartache and remained stoic and firm in her faith. The only time I ever saw her cry, was when my mother was sick with Lou Gehrig's.
 You know that lady they talk about in the Bible, the Psalm 31 woman? I think they were talking about my aunt. I hope it's not too late for me to get that same reputation.


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