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Friday, July 20, 2012

Blessed Are They Who Mourn For They Sall Be comforted

 It's hard to understand how someone could take another life. It's even harder to imagine what would make a person plot, plan and then execute a mass murder. Why kill other humans, folks who are just enjoying life?
  In the next few days, we will hear dozens of opinions on why a medical school drop out would take the lives of people he didn't even know. Most will rage on and on about gun control. You will hear conspiracy theories from the extreme right, and TV preachers will talk about the dangers of letting children watch evil movies. I'm sure some tabloid writer somewhere will write about "The Batman Curse".
 But, before it gets too crazy, let me offer my opinion.
 In a world where there is no God, there is no hope. Children raised without hope, grow up to be, well, hopeless.
  How sad to think this is all there is. To believe your life is in your own hands.
  I have known a sadness so deep, it took my breath away. All I could do was cry out to Jesus. He is my hope and the reason I live today. He has secured my future.



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