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Friday, September 30, 2011


  I feel a real need to curse at someone or break something, stomp on some flowers or just hurt someones feelings. I'll start with C J Wilson. No wait, I'll start with Ron Washington. " Ron, why did you let that bum C J Wilson be the starting pitcher? He has had an awful year and yet you say he is your ace! What the.......?"
 I can't believe this great Rangers team, who have in recent days rolled over the Angels, who have remained in first place all year, could be beaten like stepchildren by a 22 year old rookie pitcher from freakin' New Mexico. Really? New Mexico, the land of enchanted, rusty appliances? They grow one decent pitcher, who most likely wears socks with his sandals, as do all New Mexicans, and he starts against the greatest ball club in Texas history and humiliates them 9 to 0. Really? Who else can I blame but Washington and Wilson? What were you thinking? it's only Friday evening, but you have already ruined my weekend.
 Jon says I'm too competitive and I'm no fun because I take baseball too seriously. Well he' on my list also. Beware! Hell hath no furry like a menopausal woman, during baseball playoffs, scorned.


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