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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Baseball and Philosophy

  Last night, in an attempt to get me out of my funk, Jon took me to a Houston Astros game.Nothing snaps one back to reality like a foul ball aimed at ones head.
  I am not superstitious, as I've said before, except in baseball, and it is a fact that The Rangers have lost the last five games I have attended. Therefore, I know I am bad luck to them. But Houston has had such a bad year and they were playing the Phillies, who are having one of their best seasons ever. So I figure I can't hurt the Astros as they were doomed to loose either way. Well, they won! Two of their best players were traded to Philadelphia and still, they beat their socks off. When one of the trades, the former Astro hero, Hunter Pence walked up to bat, the crowd stood and cheered him on. I thought, "how nice they still support him." I soon realized we were sitting in a room full of Phillies fans. Some people are obstinate, others just love a winner. I will never understand it.
Anyway, Jon said this disproved my bad luck theory, since Houston won. I said maybe I have the opposite effect on the Astros. Maybe their loosing season is my fault since I haven't been to a game in so long and have not really kept up with them. Or maybe, just maybe it has nothing to do with me and I have no power over the events of this world. No, that couldnt' be it.
 I haven't been to an Astros game since they left the Astro Dome in the 90's and, I was very impressed with Minute Maid park. I love the Ball Park at Arlington but, Minute Maid is so easy to get around, it's a beautiful stadium and it's air conditioned. Yes, I said Air Conditioned. It was quite cool and, I was wishing I had brought a sweater to HOUSTON! The only real drawback is, it's located right smack in the middle of down town Houston. (Texas is a big ole' state. Why do so many people insist on living in Houston?) For 20.00 you could park practically in the front door but, we didn't. We parked in the 5.00 parking lot with the nice homeless man who insisted he had been watching our pickup for free and could we just give him a little crack money. At first I was afraid, then I remembered my husbands concealed carry and I was very afraid..
 Houston has a terrible homeless situation. I saw a woman with three kids and thought she really shouldn't have her kids around those people, before I realized what I was seeing.
 I've had an easy life. I have never had to struggle or see my children do without much more than daily sodas and basic cable. I've always loved my kids but didn't know how I cherished my time with them until I lost one. God has blessed me. I know I'll be with Lauren again, someday, I have a great family, and it is growing. God gave us Jonathan, with his kind spirit and calming ways. We love him like a son. I know he and Sarah will have a sweet family of there own. I'm also certain God will give Eric the love of his life if he will be patient.
  Thank you, Lord, for baseball and family. My funk is lifted and my heart is full.


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