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Sunday, September 11, 2011

A Tropical Depression is Moving This Way

   The kids just left and I'm feeling pretty blue. I guess after planning and so looking forward to our time together, it just went by way to quickly. I watched them drive away and couldn't help crying. I remember how my grandmother always cried when we left her and how awful it always made us feel, so I try to hold it all in until they are gone.
  I think everyone had a good time. Jon and Jonathon got up early and went fishing every morning. Eric usually met them on the beach, as he had been up for his morning run long before. Sarah and I would wonder around the house aimlessly and usually made it down to the beach about the time they were all ready for breakfast. She sunburned pretty badly the first day, so we didn't need to be out too long.
 Maybe I will feel more like writing in a day or so, but right now I'm just to low. I miss my Daddy and I miss my dogs. I want my kids, all of them, to be here. Why can't everyone I love be in one place?
 But, I'll post a few pictures anyway. There will be more on all this later on.


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