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Saturday, September 25, 2010

Field Of Dreams Come True

I've had a very good week. I celebrated 31 years with the love of my life, I saw BB King in concert, and tonight my Rangers won the A L West. My heart is full. I only wish I could share it with Lauren.

Lauren was the biggest Rangers fan I ever knew. Well, besides Sarah.

After Lauren moved to Durant, she went to as many games as she could. She was never happier, than when she was at the Ball Park. She loved Michael Young and saw his potential before anyone else noticed. When she was 5 years old, she knew all the words to Take Me out To The Ball Game.

A month before she died, Jon had a school in Dallas. I was home alone one evening and I called her. It was very loud and I thought she was busy with friends so I said I would call her later. She said OK and then, "Mom, guess what. Dad brought me to the Ball Park." I can still hear her voice saying it. Jon had taken her to see the Rangers play Oakland and she was so happy. A few months later, when she was gone, I found the ticket stubs in her jewelry box. Jon had never bought any of the rest of us seats that good. But it's alright. It was the last little bit of time he would ever have with her, so I'm glad they had good seats.

I really hope there is baseball in heaven.


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