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Sunday, September 19, 2010

You Are Only As Old As The Music You Listen To

I was noticing on facebook how everyone changes their profile picture so often. I guess they actually enjoy having their picture taken. I don't. I will continue to deceive myself and never look at any recent photos taken of me. No, I haven't aged, and I'm not over weight, and I will win the lottery having never bought a ticket.

Seriously, I think I will play it like Ann Landers. Remember how she was 102 years old but in her pictures she had that big black hair do and what appeared to be a forever youthful smile? If Ann could pull it off, so can I. I will never, ever change my profile picture.

The thing is, I don't look that bad in the mirror, but my pictures are awful. Why is that? If I'm just kidding myself, why can't I kid myself all the time?

Well, anyway, Tuesday night I am going to see the greatest blues guitarist of all time, B B King. He's older than my dad and almost as cool.

When I first started listening to the blues, I brought home an album by Fleetwood Mac. This was before Lyndsey Buckingham, Stevie Nicks and Christine Perfect joined the band. They were a blues band through and through. My Mom was listening and said "Have you ever heard of Muddy Waters? I think you would like him" I couldn't believe Mom knew anything about music but I worked at a record store so I looked him up and she was right. It turned out Mom was a blues fan from way back. Anyway, I was hooked. I guess it has been my favorite kind of music since.

I hope you enjoyed The Thrill Is Gone.


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