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Wednesday, September 8, 2010

A Beautiful Day In The Neighborhood

Sunday was a series of naps. We were still pretty tired from the airport marathon so we took it easy.

Down on the beach we saw what looked like a family reunion. All different ages of kids and adults.

Some were fishing. Some were sunning and others playing in the sand and water. There was a boy about 8 years old fishing with the men while what appeared to be his older brothers looked on. Suddenly his line went taught and it looked as though he had a big catch. Everyone was telling him what to do as he reeled it in. We waited to see how big it was but it broke loose and got away. The older boys yelled "Psych" in unison. I guess brothers are the same everywhere.

Later that evening, after a good nap, we went down to the beach to hear some bands. We walked into a little patio bar where a group of old guys, about our age, were playing a Beatles tune. They looked like they had spent most of their days in beach bars. Surfer meets bar fly, if you know what I mean. They were called The Samuel Adams Band, but I think they must have been history buffs because they were drinking Corona. Pretty good guitar players, they played Pink Floyd, Lynard Skynard, Beatles and of course, Jimmy Buffett.

I got into a conversation with a guy from Tybee who proceeded to tell me everything that was wrong with Obama. I thought, oh no, I do not want to talk politics. He said being from Georgia, he had to compare him to Jimmy Carter, did I know who that was. I said yes, being young and idealistic and taking all my info from Rolling Stone magazine, I voted for Carter. He said "you couldn't be that old." I said, "yes I could" He said, "I was born in 75". I said, "I voted in 76".

I was wearing my Michael Young Texas Rangers shirt and standing in line with the inebriated at the rest rooms, when a severely intoxicated fellow pointed at me and said "Josh Hamilton!" I turned around and said "Michael Young."

After so much stimulating conversation, we were tired so we strolled down to the pier just in time to hear the Land Shark Band play my favorite Jimmy Buffett song, Come Monday. Well, really the only Jimmy Buffett song I like.

On Monday we went to Savannah to walk around and see the sights. We saw another little band down on the market square. They were old guys too, and played 60's stuff. They played Under the Boardwalk, This Magic Moment and Stand By Me. It's not so much what they played, but the sound. That distinctive 60's electric guitar, like in Del Shannon's Runaway. It makes you miss people you haven't seen in a long time and may never see again. Then they played Georgia On My Mind and for some reason that song always makes me think of my sister. So we moved on.

Tomorrow I will tell you all about how much a jellyfish sting hurts, but Jon is waiting for me now, so....


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