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Tuesday, March 30, 2010


We are just a few days from Easter and much like Christmas I find it to hard to focus on the reason for our celebration. There are too many distractions.

I look forward to all those phone calls, you know,"are you going to be open on Good Friday?" And then on Friday the bank will be dead until about 2:50 when everyone shows up at once saying, " I didn't think you guys were open today."

Yes we will be open on Good Friday, as Good Friday is a very Christian holiday, and, of course, the federal reserve does not like Christian holidays. And yes we will try to provide you with all the half dollars, dollar coins and two dollar bills you need for those special grand kids Easter eggs.

I never got money for Easter when I was a child, and I'm not sure I would have liked it. All I ever wanted were those malted Easter eggs. I never cared for those marshmallow eggs. They were way too sweet. I could hardly stand to eat every one of them. Oh and Peeps were just awful. Especially when you found them on the bottom of you new Easter shoes.

The chocolate bunny was kind of a disappointment. I really hated to ruin it's little bunny shape so I held on to it for a day or so. When I could stand no more, I bit it's little cottontail off only to find it was hollow. I'm sure there is some kind of lesson to be learned there.

The best Easter gift I ever received, other than salvation, was when my little girl, Sarah was born. It was April 1st and Good Friday. We brought her home on Easter Sunday in a Moses basket lined in blue dotted Swiss. If I had chosen pink, I'm sure she would have been a boy.

The Easter egg hunt was always a big deal at my parents house. We have yards of video tape and even 8 milometer home movies of the great event. I always felt sorry for the kids who were suddenly too big for the hunt. It was either stand back and watch the others having fun or risk humiliation.

One of my most memorable Easters was the year my niece Leah and I had our little girls all dressed in navy blue and white. It wasn't planned but they looked so cute. Leah's daughter, Melissa and my Lauren were just a month apart. They were sitting on the floor playing and Lauren leaned over and kissed Melissa on the cheek. So Melissa turned and bit Lauren on the cheek, and actually drew blood. It left a little scar that looked like a dimple, so for years we told people Lauren got her dimple from her cousin Melissa.

Anyway, I hope everyone has a wonderful Easter, and Sarah, Happy Birthday! I love you more than life.


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