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Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Life On The Naughty List

I kinda had a bad day. I cant really say much about it because of privacy laws. But this was the kind of day that could have ended on the evening news with the words "before turning the gun on herself". But it didn't. I kept my cool and didn't kill anyone or kick any puppies or yell at any old ladies. I am learning, these days do end, this too shall pass.

After work I went to the dollar store to finish up my Secret Santa shopping. No I am not that cheap. The dollar store was agreed on by everyone. Anyway it took me ten minutes to find what I wanted and another thirty to stand in line and pay for it. The place was crazy and people were angry. All except the young lady in front of me. She was having a lovely time showing me what all she picked out and even complementing the cashier on the nice tall bags they had for her wrapping paper. She was a joy to stand in line with.

I got home and my husband, who was in such a lousy mood last night was all smiles this evening. His boss told him he has so much vacation time left he had better take off all next week. Suddenly he's Mr. Happy! It will be wonderful for him to be off, as it is Christmas week. He can do all his shopping and gift wrapping. He can bake and make Christmas candy and get the house ready for the kids to come home. Oh wait. Those are my chores. Well, at least he can rake leaves.

It would be so nice if I had that sarcasm font.


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