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Sunday, August 23, 2009

My first step

Ok, I am taking the first step and creating a blog. I first thought about doing this after my youngest daughter, Lauren, died suddenly. She had blogged for sometime and I always enjoyed reading hers. She was so funny but she could also make you think. I thought I would write about her and the loss we all were feeling, but I know I wouldn't want to read it, so who would? Life is too sad. This is why I hate Country music. I can find enough to cry about in real life, thank you, without being manipulated by some whinny redneck. Well I do like that song that says "God is great, beer is good and people are crazy" but that is just so true. Anyway, if you can give me a chance I will try to keep it light and only talk about the happy times with Lauren. Oh, and by the by, you can't suck in back fat is a quote from Lauren.
I have a lot of questions, like will anyone read this? Does blogger have spell check? What if I misspelled spell check? Maybe spelled it like spell chick. And hey, do they still teach typing in high school? Because I have had young people ask me what a typewriter was. They can't use it unless they can hold it in their hands and type with their thumbs. I, on the other hand , type very slowly with my thumbs. Why can't we just talk instead of texting? Wasn't the telegraph like texting? I'm just saying.......


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