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Sunday, August 30, 2009

Music To My Ears

I signed onto the Internet the other day, and a story popped up about Madonna. Apparently she is on tour, and while in Bucharest, Romania made some political statement about the bigotry against "Romas" (Gypsies), and was booed by 60 thousand people. Well now I agree that hatred and bigotry toward any race of people is a terrible thing. But I believe the real question here is, why would 60 thousand people go to a Madonna concert? I have never understood how a person so talent free could become such a big star. A few years ago, I was having some problems with my shoulder, and started seeing a physical therapist. I'll call him "Joe". Well Joe got into the habit of playing Madonna's greatest hits every time I was there. He would apply the heat or timms unit to my shoulder, turn on the CD and leave the room. I would leave every session more tense than I started. When I finally complained he changed the music to Air Supply, and tried to sell me Amway. I eventually quit going but I developed such harsh feelings toward this man, to this day, I must resist the urge to spit at the mention of his name.
I tell you all this just to say I am a Music Nazi. I know this is not exactly a virtue and I am certainly not proud. But if there is a 12 step program for such a thing I want no part of it. I enjoy my inability to listen to crap. It makes the good stuff that much better.
I would love to have my own satellite radio station. I have always taken such pleasure in inflicting my music on others. I would start our broadcast day with something light and optimistic like Lyle Lovett and "I live in My Own Mind". And no, Lyle is not Country, I don't care what anyone says. From there it depends on how my mood progresses. Maybe early Jackson Browne and Neil Young or we may go straight into Led Zeppelin and then Robert Plant and Allison Krauss. At midnight it would always be B B King "the Thrill is Gone", followed by the entire Eric Clapton E C Was Here album. Somewhere I would have to insert some John Prine and Little Feat. It would be a very good day. I'm just sayin'......


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