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Monday, August 24, 2009

Esther, or Miss Persia 483 BC

This summer I attended a Beth Moore study on Esther. Tonight was actually the final lesson but after being canceled a couple of times I kind of lost interest and decided to stay home. I do feel guilty about it now and was thinking about what I was missing, got out the book and re-read some of it. What have I learned? There are are lot of deep spiritual lessons in the story, but here is something that stands out in my rather synical mind. There have been millions of beauty pageants since then but this is still the only one that ever mattered.
Pageants may have launched the careers of Diane Sawyer, Gretchen Carlson(Fox and Friends) and Texas own beloved Phyllis George, but do you remember, who is Miss Whatever now? And do you care? Can she save an entire nation, or just represent it with a big smile and a shaky platform?
"The Jews had light and gladness, joy and honor" Esther 8:16 Now that's a platform! I'm just saying....


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