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Monday, August 31, 2009

Dress Code Blues

Labor day is just around the corner and you know what that means. No more Summer Business Casual.

That's right girls. Pack away your carpi's and go buy some pantyhose. It's time to join the ranks of the uncool. I know it will be 101 in west Texas until late October, but the boss has spoken.

I do hate to see summer go, but I can not abide white shoes after September 1st. It's just how I was raised. So please, if you must continue to wear sandals, no white.

And yes there is that little paragraph in the dress code about"appropriate hosiery". I cringe at the thought, and I know I'm not the only one. Someone from the pantyhose industry has done something terrible and angered the fashion world. Have you noticed no one wears them anymore? They are hot and uncomfortable, especially the tummy control, but admit it they make all legs over 19 look so much better. And they do help to cover those ankle tattoos. I would like to have a tattoo but not on my leg. I think it would look like just another broken vein. Maybe it just broke in some mysterious shape like the Virgin Mary or something. Then I would become a tourist attraction. But that's off the subject.

Another thing no one wears anymore is maternity clothes. This really bothers me. It's hard to tell the pregnant from the fat. Especially since the young girls don't try to hide their fat anymore. I spend hours looking for jeans that fit well. If you get the waist too high they are "mom jeans" or look like you bought them in the 80's. If they are too low you have a muffin top, spare tire, or love handles, whatever you call it, it's not pretty. But I see so many young women who just don't seem to care. Maybe that's a good thing. I would like to be that comfortable with myself. I'm just sayin'...


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