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Monday, July 22, 2013

Reading Maketh a Full Man, Sir Francis Bacon

  A couple of my old high school friends, one in California, the other near Austin, and I have been discussing on Face book, how we should start a book club, long distance. We've talked a lot about books we've read, and recommended a few. This sounds like so much fun, and really the only problem, for me that is, is one of the ladies reads ghost stories and mysteries that scare the life out of me. Just reading about what she reads, gives me nightmares.
 Really, these books are probably not that bad, but I'm a chicken. A big, fat, wing flapping, yellow feathered chicken. I change the channel, when scary movies are advertised on TV. The nightly news will keep me up nights.
 I do love to read, but lately, I've become a little bored with it. I can't say how many books I have started and never finished. Maybe I need to step it up a bit and start reading some mysteries, other than Nancy Drew.
 My husband reads all the time. He reads deep, spiritually enlightening books, as well as historical and biographies. I always picture us sitting side by side on a plane or beach, reading our books. The cover of his says, The Life of Dietrich Bonhoeffer. My cover says, How Stella Got Her Groove Back. Although, my book is more fun, his looks more impressive. I will be able to finish mine over the weekend. His will take weeks, possibly months.
  I still think an online book club with these old friends, and maybe others, would be fun. It may cause me to read some new things, get over a few fears, and reconnect with some of the best friends I ever had. I don't think they will be surprised that I am, shall we say, less than deep in my reading material.


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