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Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Love At First Sight

 Today Lauren would be the same age I was, the day she was born. It's hard to believe, seems like yesterday.
 She was my third child, so I was not expecting any surprises. But, in true Lauren form, there were many surprises. She was actually born on her due date. That never happens, so when I went into labor, I thought it was just a back ache. I'd never had back labor before, and really didn't know there was such. It started hurting so bad, we went to the emergency room to get something for the pain. They told me I was in labor and sent Jon to have me admitted. The nurses called my doctor and said it would still be hours before she was born. I went to the bathroom, with a nurse standing outside the door, and here came Lauren, about to hit her head on the toilet. She was born in the hospital hallway.
 She was so chubby and beautiful. I said, " don't cry baby ", and she looked at me, made that little O face babies make, and I think she knew my voice. That I was Mom, and I would take care of her forever.


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