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Tuesday, July 2, 2013

My Bucket List Has a Hole In It

 I fell out of my hammock, and I think I have a concussion.
 I know what you're thinking. Most people are injured playing sports, or riding motorcycles and other dangerous things. But, I got hurt falling out of a hammock. I just hope it's not as bad as my Lazy Boy recliner accident in '07, for which I'm still seeing a chiropractor.
 Then, there was the concussion I received in 2006, which I refer to as, Puppy Gate. I was stepping over a puppy gate and cracked my head on the ceramic tile in the utility room. I was goofy for months after that one. At least there were no witnesses, unlike the crowded, supermarket salad bar incident. Trying to make a simple purchase, I stepped on the tiniest piece of lettuce and, fell, for what seemed like, twenty minutes. I think I did permanent damage to my knee, and could possibly own that supermarket chain now, but I was too embarrassed to let the manager call for a doctor. I just wanted it to be over.
 So anyway, I fell out of my hammock, bounced my head off the ground, skinned my elbow, and bruised my tailbone. I have no great adventure story to tag on to the mishap. I don't do adventure or danger.
 I don't have a bucket list of exciting perilous things I want to do. If I had a bucket list, it would probably include things like, tour the Blue Bell ice cream factory. Or, finally see Man Of Steel, while it's still in Theaters. Also, I would like to visit Europe, if I didn't have to take a ship or a plane, and if I could be home by supper.



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