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Friday, January 18, 2013

If Looks Can Kill, I Have a License

 Yesterday, I finally went to the DMV and got my address changed on my drivers license. I know it's rare for anyone to have a good drivers license photo, but mine are always so bad, sales people gasp, yes literally gasp, when they ask for it.
I believe the lady taking my picture yesterday, was trying to win some kind of contest for the worst photo ever. I swear, she was smiling as she previewed her work.

 I tried. I fixed my hair, did my makeup and picked out a green sweater to wear. Green is one of my better colors, or at least I think so. Well the wind blew my hair and my cowlick was standing straight up. Of course no one told me. The lady said, "Stand in front of that blue back drop and look at the green dot". I looked at the green dot and just as I was about to tell her, if I look at the green dot I will be looking down,..CLICK! It looks like a mug shot after a really bad night. Think Nick Nolte. When she was telling me to look at the green dot, I think I heard her say, "and hold this bloody ax". Are you required to fail a photography test, when applying for a job at the DMV? Also, must you be able to show a genuine lack of interest in your job and folks requiring your service? If so, I think I may have been in the presence of the Employee Of The Month.



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