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Thursday, February 7, 2013

Diary Of An Attention Deficit Housewife

It was a beautiful morning, so I thought I would have a cup of tea on the patio. I ran water into the tea kettle, and went outside to wait. It looked like a good morning to start getting flower beds ready, so I went to the shed to get a rake.
 I grabbed the rake and gardening gloves, noticing a very sore hangnail on my thumb. I thought I might need to bandage it before putting on, not so clean, gloves. I went in the house to get a Band-aid just as the kettle started to whistle. I quickly poured water over a teabag and left it to steep.
 I then saw the magazine, with the recipe I wanted to make for dinner, and remembered I needed groceries for the meal. I reached in a drawer for pen and pad to make a list and saw a picture of my grandmother. I knew I should put the picture back in the photo album, where it belonged. I opened the album and just as I was getting lost in memories, the clothes dryer dinged.
 I quickly took the towels out of the dryer and dropped them on the sofa, where I could fold them, after I put the wet laundry, from the washer, to the dryer. But first, I needed to check the hamper and see if there was enough dirty laundry for another load.
 I stepped into the bathroom and saw the vanity counter was spotted, so I grabbed some spray cleaner, but needed to find a rag. I looked in the mirror and thought I should put on some make up, so I can run to the grocery store here in just a minute.
 I started to do my face and realized how badly in need I was of a haircut. Where did I put that girls card? I liked the way she did my hair and said I would call her again. Maybe it's in my purse.
 But then, I saw all that loose coin and knew it was making my purse too heavy.  I thought I should clean it out. After all, why should I carry around a purse full of old Walmart receipts? I found a nail file, I had been looking for, set the purse aside, and began filing my nails.
 Oh, but that hangnail hurt. Why hadn't I put a Band-aid on it yet?
 I looked around. After such a busy morning, what did I see? A rake lying in the yard, a pile of towels on the couch, wet clothes in the washer, a bottle of bathroom cleaner on the vanity, an open photo album on the table, a cold cup of tea, and a woman in the mirror, needing a haircut and makeup. I'm exhausted.


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