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Saturday, October 6, 2012

Don't Look Back

 Last night the Rangers lost their bid for the wild card. Although, I have chest pains every time I pick up the Dallas Morning news and see that sad photo of Mike Napoli, with the caption, "coming up short", I choose to live another day.
 If  I'm honest with myself, I know it would have been a painful playoff series. I know they need time to heal and regroup. When Colby Lewis was placed on the D L, needing Tommy John surgery, I wondered how they could go to the World Series without him. Then Felez was inflicted with the same ailment. After all those two pitchers had done for this team, it would not have been right to advance without them.
 Seriously, they need a rebuilding year. This team has given us their best over the last few seasons. And to you people who were booing Josh Hamilton last night, all I can say is, you've lowered yourselves to the level of Yankee fans. Remember, we are Texans and that kind of behavior is beneath us. You should be ashamed.
 I have had some great times watching my favorite team, the Rangers, this year. And really, that's all that matters. Thanks for another great season. I love you guys.


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