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Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Dalai Loves W

 Did you see where Piers Morgan interviewed the Dalai Lama? He asked him about our leaders and he said he loved George W. Bush. Go figure, huh?

 Crazy stuff is happening all around us. From drunk grandparents towing their 5 yr old grandchild in a toy car behind their SUV, to dolphins being bullied by other dolphins, these are the strange headlines of the day. My favorite being, the Florida golfer dragged away by a nine foot alligator. I know it's not funny, but I never knew a golfer who would let a thing like that interfere with his game.

  But, by far, the craziest thing to happen in my world today, is the Texas Rangers were defeated two days in a row by a stinkin' Canadian team. How is Canada even able to be a part of  MLB, much less, the American League? They should be playing Iceland or Norway. We cannot continue to let them sneak across our border and infiltrate our vending machines with those odd coins. You just don't know how annoying it is to brake a roll of dimes and find one with the queens profile. It's not worth ten cents.

  Don't try to make sense of it, folks. I'm just venting.



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