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Monday, February 15, 2010

The Family Reserve

I think I'm gonna live. I have been suffering from what must surely be the black plague, but I'm on the mend. It was one of those times, like when I was a kid, and ran such a high fever it was hard to distinguish the dreams from hallucinations. But it doesn't matter when you get to visit with all those dead relatives.... Which reminds me of a song, which reminds me of my mother. It's by Lyle Lovett and it's called The Family Reserve. He sings about all his dead relatives and then in the chorus says, Momma, put down that camera and join in the family reserve.

You see my mother always had a camera in her hand. I'm glad she enjoyed taking pictures so much because now we have so many to enjoy. It was like we had our own personal paparazzi growing up. Even before we knew what paparazzi was. Here's a picture of me in my Girl Scout uniform and here's one on my bike. Oh and here is me washing my hair and brushing my teeth, and tying my shoe and watching television and so on......

Looking through her photo albums you can see she never threw away any pictures. Even if it was blurry or cut someones head off or had someones ex wife in it, it still went in the album. You could fill a whole photo album with the ex wives pictures.

We really regretted buying her the video camera. It was fun for a while and then everyone started walking around with their jacket pulled over their faces like they were walking into a court room ready to be indicted. None of us want to see ourselves in a video, eating or talking.

I guess Mom liked the way we looked, or maybe it was just a way for her to record our history. It's proof we were all here, you know, for the family reserve.


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