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Saturday, December 3, 2011

A Mennonite's Winter Dream

 We all pretty much know what the Amish are all about. We love their furniture and quilts and everyone has seen the movie Witness, staring Harrison Ford and that girl from Top Gun. In short, there's no real mystery there. But we don't have Amish people around here. Instead we have a group of folks few know anything about. They are called Mennonites.
  I see them around town almost every day, but no one I ask can tell me anything. The women run around in dresses that are hardly modest, made from thin, poor quality fabric, no socks or hosiery of any kind, Keds type sneakers and a little scarf on their heads. The boys and men, in what my husband calls "gimme" caps, look like they just got back from a 1970's FFA convention. Once, on a very cold winter night, I saw a Mennonite woman walking into Walmart in her thin little dress and no coat whatsoever, talking on a cell phone. I thought to myself, so, it's not technology but, fashion they reject. Then, again today, Jon and I were leaving Olive Garden and there was a Mennonite couple waiting on the bench outside, in the cold wind. Yes , they were going to eat a meal, in an expensive restaurant, that serves alcohol, but she had no coat.
 I want to talk to these closed off people, and ask, "What are you thinking?". Do they believe in Jesus? Are they a Christian religion? If so, God said to love your wife like He loves the church, and the church needs a little heat. I'll say it in King James so you'll understand." Thus sayeth the Lord, buyeth your woman a jacket!"


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